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hi, my name is abby

I hear you want to know what I am all about. So I'll share some of my favorites with you <3


This is my favorite time of day. It is always so calm and peaceful. You've just witnessed a beautiful sunset and as the world relaxes the sky organizes itself into perfect colors. Truly breathtaking. 

This is my favorite snack at Disneyland. 

Beignets and a mint julep. They deserve the hype. 


This is my favorite coat. I bought it at a thrift store last winter. It was expensive, but the thought of my kids fighting over it one day sold me. 

This is my favorite house plant. It is the first one I was able to actually keep alive. Now I have 11 more. I like healthy air. 

my favorite place in the world: My family's little red cabin in Clear Creek, Utah. The closest thing to heaven on earth. 


Favorite meal: Miso soup + tempura vegetables + seared tuna tataki + mia roll + playboy roll = absolute and utter bliss. 

Favorite moment of last summer: staying on a sailboat in La Spezia, Italy and being surprised by a pod of dolphins after our morning swim


This is my favorite loaf of sourdough I have ever made. She was a long time coming. 


Favorite fruit: peaches by far

Favorite peaches: These white doughnut peaches from a small market in Italy, absolutely most amazing ever

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